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Infant Room (6 weeks - 13 months)

Our infant teachers focus on helping each child grow and develop by including activities that promote social and emotional development, language skills, and physical and cognitive growth. We view each interaction with the infants as an opportunity to teach, and therefore every interaction with the children is a learning experience.

Our Infant Classroom

The infant room at Leaps and Bounds is a warm and cozy place for our youngest ones to play, sleep, explore and learn. We have a separate sleeping area where each child has their own crib to sleep in. We give the infants opportunities to explore their world throughout their day by constantly changing their surroundings and activities, and always having a wide variety of toys and sensory materials available to them.

Family Communication

We believe that communication between teachers and parents is one of the most important parts of helping your child grow and develop. Therefore, we provide daily notes that will inform you of what happened while you were away, as well as give you the opportunity to communicate with us any important happenings that we need to know about. We hold parent/teacher conferences twice each year, and encourage parents to call at anytime to find out about their child’s day.

Infant Room
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