Welcome to Leaps & Bounds, the best child care center in Rosemount, Minnesota. Here we offer some of the best child care services in the state, including infant care, toddler care, preschool services, and more. When you need high-quality child care services in Rosemount, then Leaps & Bounds is the perfect daycare center for you. Normally in our blogs, we would go over fun activities and crafts that you and your family could take part in together, as well as helpful child care tips that you could use at home. However, in today’s blog, we thought we would introduce ourselves as well as go over some of the services that we can provide you and your family.

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Leaps & Bounds is a Christian daycare center in Rosemount. We offer high-quality Christian child care services in a fun and engaging environment. Leaps & Bounds offers all kinds of child care services, including newborn care and pre-kindergarten programs, all of which are designed to help children learn, play, and grow in a fun and safe environment. Using wholesome Christian values as well as a carefully formulated child care curriculum, Leaps & Bounds can help any and all children start out on the right path. We first opened back in January of 2004, offering some of the best child care services in Rosemount for over 15 years. If you’re looking for the best Christian child care in Rosemount, then look no further than Leaps & Bounds.


Leaps & Bounds is more than just your average daycare center. We offer our Christian child care services to children ages six months to around four years old. All of our daycare services are designed to be fun, engaging, and safe. Children are placed in groups with kids that are similar in age, that way they can create lasting, healthy relationships. Keep reading to learn more about the child care services we offer here at Leaps & Bounds.


It can be difficult to leave your newborn in the care of someone else, especially when they’re so new to the world. Here at Leaps & Bounds, we offer some of the best newborn care in Rosemount. Starting at six weeks, our program is designed to keep infants safe and secure while also helping them with language skills as well as physical and cognitive growth.


Toddlers love to learn and explore. They’re constantly on the move and absolutely love to play. Leaps & Bounds offers some of the best toddler care programs in Rosemount, all of which take place in a safe, fun, and engaging daycare center that will help your toddler learn while they play and explore.


The transition into their academic lives can be a scary and intimidating time for many children, that’s why a good preschool or pre-kindergarten program can do wonders for your child. Leaps & Bounds offer some of the best preschool and pre-kindergarten programs in Rosemount. Help your children adapt while also helping them get a jump start on their academic careers with preschool programs from Leaps & Bounds.


When you need the best child care in Rosemount, be sure to come to Leaps & Bounds. Learn more about our Rosemount child care programs, get to know our Christian daycare center, or contact Leaps & Bounds to answer any questions and to schedule your free tour today.